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What Should You Check While Selecting Agent for Commercial Real Estate Dealing?

April 11, 2019

While selling, buying or leasing any commercial property, it is essential to appoint an experienced real estate agent specifically for the transaction. You cannot select any real estate agent overnight with just initial discussion, but you need to assess his knowledge and capabilities after a lot of deliberation.

Following are few things that you need to know about the agent and his company in little more detail before appointing him. 

       1.  What is the specialization of his company?

It is essential to do little research about the company on the internet and try to know in which type of property they were really involved. If the company is mostly engaged in residential property then he may not be right person to deal with the commercial property.

      2.  Agency relationship

You need to understand that whether you are working with a commercial agent of a company or a realtor, your actual relationship in legal terms will be with the commercial broker of the company.

Therefore, you must identify that person and discuss about industrial brokerage that you are supposed to pay for your job.

      3.  You are actually dealing with a person and not the company

Though your legal relationship with be the real estate company however you will be dealing more with an agent. Therefore, make sure that you are quite comfortable with that person and are confident that he can handle your case effectively.

      4.  How effective the agent is in communicating?

While interviewing the person, it is important to check whether the agent is very clear and effective in his communication. Is he well organized and clear with all the facts and can express things properly? Whether he understands all the rules and can explain you clearly?

      5.  Education

For any type of profession, it is essential that the person must have basic education and at the same time he also must have necessary education in the field where he is working.

      6.  Experience

In addition to the necessary education, the work experience is equally important. Has the person independently handled commercial property dealing with the type of property that you are interested?

      7.  Check about his network?

All these commercial property dealing is never done independently or using any single network. Therefore, you must try to know about all the network with whom they all are associated with.

      8.  Check whether he is associated with any professional body

Those who are really good real estate agents are associated with certain professional organization and they have internal discussion among them about various properties and know about various loop holes.

Such agents are usually very serious about their jobs and will know much more details about any commercial property.

      9.  Marketing materials

In case you want to sell your commercial property then it is important to see whether real estate agent really has necessary marketing material for the same.

You can go through all the brochures and literatures available and also try to see all the presentation materials so that you can understand how your property will be presented before prospective buyers.

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