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Benefits of Commercial and Residential Window Tinting

April 3, 2019

Window tinting is a process, where transparent film sheet is applied on your home or commercial property windows. There are variety of films that can be used on your commercial or residential property. You just need to find one to blend with your design, climate, and building needs. It is a great investment as it offers plenty of aesthetic and financial benefits.

Offers UV protection

The harmful UV rays are averted from penetrating into the interiors. It is capable of eliminating more than 99% of Ultra-violet rays. Thus, your carpets, drapes, furniture, and rugs get saved from falling apart or fading and need to be replaced. Moreover, it protects people residing inside or employees working within the building from skin cancer.

Energy efficient

In the afternoon, when sun rays’ stream through the clear windows and flood your workspace of living rooms with heat and light then the first need is to increase room coolness. Decreasing AC temperature will increase utility bills too quickly. Window tint will allow to control the light amount entering your interiors.

In regions where the climate is hot and humid all around the year, window tinting helps to cut the cooling costs. The money saved against utility bills can pay off the investment made in window tinting within 4 to 5 years. For commercial home and business tint in Arizona contact the professionals and start saving on your energy bills.

Adds to comfort

Today, glass is used in architectural designs as windows are regarded to be the soul of every building. The desire for natural light is satisfied but the drawbacks are less protection against solar heat, sun glare, and damaging UV rays. With solar window tints the beauty of window does not get sacrificed but the downsides are filtered away.

Commercial window tinting makes the staff feel comfortable at workplace, which can dramatically increase overall productivity. Residential window tints reduce glare, thus making it easy for watching TV or working on computers. Thus, every room in your home can be enjoyed.

Offers safety and security

Window without a protective film is prone to break and the glass fragments get scattered across the room, which can cause personal injury. However, the window films are designed for handling rough treatments like accidents, elements from nature, vandalism, and break-ins. These virtually invisible shield helps to strengthen and protect vulnerable glass windows and doors as well as preserves the attractive exterior appearance.

Adds to privacy and style

Decorative window films transform glass surface looks. It changes the way you think about using and designing a space. Privacy can be created, interiors can be enhanced with filtering light though the decorative films. You get lots of options ranging from frosts, textures, gradients, and patterns to explore privacy and style. For example, give new life to old glass partitions in an office or create mood and privacy with filtered light from the exterior windows.

Low maintenance

High quality window tinting installation with the help of professionals last longer. As the film is less permeable, dirt accumulation is not as quick as glass. Therefore, less frequency is needed to clean the tinted window. Soft cloth and mild detergent water are needed to clean the surface. On the interiors apply silicone polish to keep the surface lustrous.

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