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Few Benefits of Solar Pool Heater

February 4, 2019

Swimming is considered to be a great aerobic exercise, which is enjoyed by both adults and children. It produces very little impact, and also a nice way of spending time with your family. As per the statistics, more you swim, less you will have stress and feel healthier and happier than what you are.

You can find more than 10.4 million private pools and also more than 300,000 public pools here in the USA, but most of them operate only during summer season. For those pools which are open all throughout the year, the water may get too cold, where it is difficult to swim and hence energy may be needed to heat the water. Even if outside temperature remains 80ᵒ F, the water temperature will still be much below a comfortable range of temperature and needs significant amount of time and energy for heating it up.

Therefore, any solar pool heating will be extremely helpful to make your swimming experience more comfortable. As an example, in the Arizona state, any pool equipped with solar pool heater may extend the swimming season to more than 300 days in a year and family can have fun and splashing under the sun.

Are you looking for any efficient way of heating your swimming pool in Phoenix? A solar heater can always extend the swimming time and also save on cost of energy. Following are 5 reasons why solar pool heating in Phoenixcan be a perfect way to heat water in a pool.

  1. Extend your swim season

Any average pool owner will use his pool 3 or 4 months in a year, as the water always remains too cold for swimming. By installing any solar heater, you can always extend swim season at least 2 to 3 months or much more.

  1. Save energy

Using solar energy means you will avoid any energy cost. You need just $3,000 to $4,000 for buying and installing any solar pool heater, which will pay you back within 2-7 years.

  1. Help the environment

Solar heater is considered as green way of heating your pool and hence reduce any carbon footprint. As it is from natural source, solar is cleanest energy and not like any oil or gas and doesn’t produce any harmful emission.

  1. Little maintenance needed

Since solar heaters can run effectively and cleanly, they need minimal maintenance. Any heater may typically last for more than 15 – 20 years. The solar panels will last even longer.

  1. Enjoy the quietness

Solar heaters are also considered to be the quietest heaters available in the market. So, no loud hum and you can just relax while in water.

If interested then call a professional

In case, you are thinking of installing a heater for extending your pool’s season, then look no further than solar heating. Get in touch with few qualified pool or spa professionals to get installation estimates.

Before you call, you must evaluate the contractors by reading reviews about them or from their previous customers.

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