The Effect of Fish Tank Filters on the Aquarium

January 29, 2019

The fish tank filters play one of the most critical tasks than any other equipment on the aquarium. The component filters out all chemical pollutants and waste from the water and optimizes it to sustain aquatic life. The fish tank is entirely different from the natural environment where fish originated. The filter tries to match the artificial environment to be as humanly as possible. Even though the aquarium ecosystem will not be as perfect as the one that nature creates, choosing the right fish tan filters will help you to sustain healthy fish for several years.

The market has a broad range of models and brands for fish tank filters. Therefore, individuals, especially those who are still new to the hobby, may get overwhelmed when making a choice. Even though the design and pricing vary, they share some common attributes as detailed in this article.

  • Canister Filters

Canister filters are among the top fish tank filters that you can get on the market. These filters suction out water from the fish tank and pump them through the canister that is divided into several chambers where they go through chemical, biological, and mechanical filtration before pumping back into the water. Canister filters are appropriate for those individuals who have limited time to maintain their aquarium. You will only maintain them one time every quarter or when you want to purify your water. This canister is located outside the fish tank, and hence it is easy to clean and will not mess. However, they are expensive but have a strong suction power. It is not an excellent option for small aquariums or where you keep small and weak aquatic life. 

  • Diatom Filters

These filters offer one of the best filtration processes in comparison to the other brands. The model uses microscopic size earth particles which are good at filtering out even the minutest waste matter. You will be sure that your fish are swimming in clean water even though they come at a high price. Also, diatom filters need special handling and maintenance. It’s advisable to use with more expensive breeders that have special fish that require great care.

  • Sponge Filters

These filters offer the best filtration among the cheap varieties of fish tank filters. This product is typically a sponge head that you attach to the end of the suction tube. It performs both biological and mechanical filtration. To clean, all you do is to remove the sponge head and wash in de-chlorinated water. Washing depends on the number of fish and the amount of food you feed them. However, don’t spend a lot of time washing as this will result in clogging. It’s an excellent filter for weakfish and small tanks because the head of the sponge will buffer down the pump’s suction strength.

  • E-Filters

You are more likely to get these filters when you purchase the starter aquarium as a set. The E filter has a raised base, and you layer gravel on top to act as the filter media. The system sucks water through the gravel that traps all the waste matter to provide both biological and mechanical filtration. It is among the best starter kits you can get in the market. 

  • Corner Filters

This set is the cheapest fish filter that you can get in the market. It has a sponge filter media that sits in a box that soaks in aquarium water that is not so hygienic. Cleaning the media can also be messy as it entails removing the entire filter from inside the fish tank and removing it from the filter media. You will also place your hands in the water, and this won’t be healthy for your fish. However, it is advisable to upgrade to a better fish tank filter if your budget allows.

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